Welcome to Wearng

And with the push of a button...

Welcome to Wearng

Wearng is a social picture sharing website for people who love legwear. We would love you to upload pictures of yourself wearing tights, pantyhose, stockings and thighhighs. Heels and skirts are welcome, too, just don't forget your legwear!

It's almost one year since the project began. 6628 lines of code in 154 files and 97 commits. But we’re still far from finished. Where the site goes from here, however, will be directed by you and how you choose to use it.

I send a heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported me through the development of the site, to everyone who gave feedback, to the testers and our beautiful launch girl. It hasn't been easy to commit to such an enduring project. Your support means the world to me.

And so, with the push of a button, I firmly place that which has been crafted by my hands into yours. I hope you make it into something good.

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Anonymous 5 years ago

Nice work man, it nice to see how much the project has progressed! -3-

Anonymous 5 years ago