About Wearng

Wearng, short for wearing, is a social picture sharing community for people who love legwear. We make it easy for professional and amateur legwear models to connect with fans. Whether you like wearing or just watching, Wearng is your ultimate legwear resource.

If you have any questions or problems feel free to talk to us or send an email to i'm@wearng.com.


A Wearer is the name we affectionately give to people who love wearing tights, pantyhose, thigh highs, stockings and other attractive legwear. One should never underestimate how well a good pair of heels goes with legwear.

Uploading pictures

You can add your legwear pictures to Wearng using the picture upload form. Find your picture then state whether it is of yourself or someone else. Be sure you are allowed to upload the picture - do not upload copyright pictures unless you own the copyright! Optionally enter a title and press upload. Once uploaded, your picture will appear on the home page and in your profile. Please keep in mind you are responsible for anything you upload.

You may also like to read about our metadata policy.


You can use Wearng anonymously or join Wearng and become a member. Your Wearng account lets you sign in and enjoy the following benefits.


Members may earn reputation when certain actions are performed. Reputation is shown next to each member's name in brackets.

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